30 second ads

30-second commercial

 "World Cup Miracle"

also known as an “Sports Events”

 Riding on the coat tales of a major sporting event is a great way to ride on the energy 

This is a Williams Direct Dryer Add attached to the 2018 World Cup

Story:  World Cup Miracle

30-second commercial

also known as an “elevator pitch,”

 This is  a brief summary of what you do, who you do it for, and the key benefits and results you deliver.

This is the most common form of commercial because the television advertising slots available. With the expansion of the online video advertising market the 30 sec ad campaign is still relevant because it short and fit YouTube pricing model.

Story:  The most exciting eight seconds in sports

30-second commercial

Pacific coastal airlines

“Indulge Your Passion”.

Simplicity is often the key to successful Role Ad. In this example there are only about six shots well thought out describing a story that reflects final message, “Indulge Your Passion”.

The budget shooting this advertisement was not high, but the story reflects the need.

Story:  We help people Indulge Their Passions.

30-second commercial

Pacific coastal airlines Hockey

“Where you play  We Fly

This story is designed to thank an organization that Pacific coastal airlines sponsors and the similarity between a hockey player and the airline pilot.

Story:  You play hockey We get you there

Golds Gym

 “The Art of Design”

This story is designed to show that the fitness industry is more than just exercise, it is an experience that will profoundly change the way you live. Come and experience the art of design


Story:  Come and experience the art of design


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