Jason a young man of the age of 19 dedicated a year of training to go across the US to travel 7000 km from Yorktown Virginia to San Francisco. Gold's gym decided to sponsor him with a free membership and help them raise money during the year before he left.

Ruth one of the instructors at golds gym put on a fundraiser at the Langley location, giving Jason a huge lift of confidence and connecting the community to his cause.

Jo Lynne a trainer and gold gym is training Jason on a fitness tip to make a better biker for his trip.

 Andrea is showing Jason how to do a tricep pulldown fitness tip. This tip not only shows that golds gym is sponsoring Jason for something good to his community but showing how they do it with the work that they provide to the general community. This does two things
 1: shows that they care about people in their community 
 2: gives a genuine tip to anybody who wants to learn about their fitness.

Jason after finishing his trip comes back into the gym to thank golds for the hard work that they put in to him and for the help that they gave him along his journey. This is a combination of good charity work and good business.