Music and video  are a perfect match no matter what kind of story that you're telling. Sometimes visuals and music  is the best way to tell the story also the advantage Of Using Music Only Videos  it transcends language, so whether you're speaking Cantonese, Italian, Portuguese, or English the message is basically the same with the same material. Music only videos can be viewed without paying close attention to what is said as in a documentary style or instructional... has delivered multiple Music only videos, and has worked on music videos, and music only videos below are just a few samples delivered in the last few months.


 live Music

Dublin to Delhi (Band)

(Canada Day celebrations)


This is utilizing the band's music to amplify the story of the day.

This style of video is very interactive with the environment.

Real estate

4031 Bidwell Bay

( Pinnacle Group )

This is a simple video showing a lifestyle.

Quite often real estate videos are musical only, but as story progresses we are finding more more that voice is needed to sell the property.


Mark Anthony Academy

(School )

This is an informational video designed to show a service with music only.

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